Ticketing sites. Review sites. Band sites. Meetup sites. Neighborhood-farmer's-market sites.

Find an event. Pencil it in your calendar. Call up your buddies. Text your significant. Argue over the details.

Why does it have to such a pain to organize activities?

It is time to simplify the planning process. We need an easy way to track the events that matter and ignore the ones that don't. We need to know what our friends are up to without the endless email chains.

ffocal is the central point in your effort to get out the door and go do things. We have made it easier than ever to track those mind-blowing weekend activities and to know which of your friends are cool enough to tag along. It is time to start looking forward to get-togethers again.

Sign up today. It's free. Install the ffocalizer. And start looking forward.

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